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Basin2 - advanced sedimentary basin modeling
basin free
Trace the evolution of groundwater flow regimes in sedimentary basins over time. Detailed information is available here. Courtesy of The University of Illinois HydroGeology program and the USGS.

Convert - unit conversion
convert free
A free, easy-to-use unit conversion utility. Offers a simplified method for finding equivalent values between U.S. Customary measures and their corresponding SI (metric) equivalents. It handles 11 different categories of conversions! Courtesy of Joshua Madison (

Coordinate Calculator - coordinate conversion
coordcalc free
The Coordinate calculator performs the conversion of the coordinates of a point from one geographic coordinate system to a second geographic coordinate system interactively. The coordinate system reflects the combination of a cartographic projection and datum. The Coordinate calculator supports 24 of the most common projections and 225 datums, allowing many different transformations. Courtesy of Norm Olsen, Mentor Software Inc. (

DXF2XYZ - convert DXF format to ASCII (XYZ)
dxf2xyz free
DXF2XYZ converts a DXF file to an XYZ file (a comma delimited text file containing just xyz coordinates). It can be useful for extracting the raw XYZ coordinates from a DXF file containing say contours or other elevation entities. The current version will extract the XYZ coordinates from the following DXF entity types: Point, Line, Polyline/Vertex, Lwpolyline. Courtesy of Paul Guthrie, GuthCAD software (

Erupt! - simulate volcanic eruptions
erupt free
ERUPT is a graphical program that simulates various volcanic eruption types, including Strombolian, Plinian, Vulcanian pyroclastic flows and surges, Hawaiian fluid lava flows, fumarolic activity, and Pelean viscous lava dome emplacement. Tectonic (faulting), caldera and sector collapse, and erosional events are also simulated. In addition to a greater variety of eruption types, virtual 3-D with topographic and geological maps, and a greatly enhanced user interface, Erupt3 offers the user built-in upgradability with web-access and features that make it a much more robust teaching and research tool. Courtesy of Ken Wohletz, Los Alamos National Laboraotory (Erupt home page).

GeoModel - model gravity and magnetic data
geomodel free
GeoModel for Windows allows the simultaneous forward modelling and inversion of gravity and magnetic data. Easy to use! Courtesy of Gordon R.J. Cooper, University of the Witswatersrand.

LogPlot to RockWorks2004

If you are working in RockWorks2004, you can use this tool to select one or more LogPlot DAT files for import into a RockWorks borehole (.BH) format. Note that more recent versions of LogPlot and RockWorks share data without having to use Import tools.
Log Plot to Rock Works2004
(Save the ZIP file to your computer, extract the EXE and CHM (help) file to your LogPlot program folder.)

LogView 7
Log View 7
Distribute RockWare LogView free of charge to your clients and co-workers, for viewing compiled and saved well logs generated by LogPlot 7 (and earlier versions). Print the well logs too!

Magnetic - evaluate seafloor spreading and magnetic reversal data
magnetic free
For use in college-level geology and geophysics courses- Magnetic lets students evaluate some of the experimental data supporting seafloor spreading and geomagnetic field reversals, by comparing the predicted magnetic anomalies from their magnetic model of the ocean floor with experimental measurements in the literature. Courtesy of Robert Detenbeck.

PowerCAD FelixCAD - free 2D CAD!
felixcad free 2 D CAD!
Usually, free doesn't get you much. NOT with FelixCAD LT, where nearly 300 Powerful 2D drawing and editing commands can be used to create professional quality designs from scratch, or to edit billions of existing designs saved in industry standard DWG®, DXF® and FLX® file formats. From students to professional CAD users, FelixCAD LT delivers unprecedented power and industry compatibility at a price that can't be beat. Courtesy of Wilfried Graebert, Graebert, Inc. (Grabert Website)

RockPlot3D v15
rockworks icon
Distribute the RockPlot3D program to your clients and coworkers so that they can view/print/export your 3D scenes from RockWorks15.

Seismic - evaluate global seismic models
seismic free
This program is intended for use in college-level geology and geophysics courses. It permits a student to evaluate some of the experimental data supporting current seismic models of the earth, by comparing predicted travel times from his/her seismic model of the earth with experimental measurements in the literature. Courtesy of Robert Detenbeck.

SPCS (State Plane Coordinate System)
spcs free

A georeferenced map of the State Plane Coordinate System, showing codes for all state plane zones. This image is a map of the continental United States with counties as a sub-feature and State Plane Codes as a primary feature. You can use this image in all GIS systems that accept georeferencing parameters. This image was created with data from the ESRI® data and maps CD that comes with ArcView 8.3. The format is a JPEG with a corresponding world file. Courtesy of Norm Olsen, Mentor Software Inc. (

TatukGIS Viewer - free GIS Viewer!
tatuk free
A free GIS viewer for viewing raster (TIFF, MrSID®, BMP, SPOT, ECW, IMG, JPG, JPG2000 and more...) and vector (SHP, E00, MIF, DXF, DGN, TIGER, TAB, GDF and more..) formats. Also view Georeferenced images (GeoTIFF, World File, TAB), and open ESRI ArcExplorer and ArcView project files! Courtesy of Herman Moyers, TatukGIS (TatukGIS website).

WellCAD Reader 32-bit
Well CAD Reader 32 bit
Download the free WellCAD Viewer - Open, view and print WellCAD files (.WCL) created with the WellCAD commercial version. (32-bit version)

WellCAD Reader 64-bit
Well CAD Reader 64 bit
Download the free WellCAD Viewer - Open, view and print WellCAD files (.WCL) created with the commercial version of WellCAD. (64-bit version).

WinTopo Freeware - raster to vector imaging
wintopo free
WinTopo Freeware is ideal for the home user and office environment. Originally developed in 1999, the WinTopo project was instigated to provide a quality raster to vector conversion solution as good as high priced commercial products. Free from the encumbrance of old legacy techniques, WinTopo benefits from recent and established research in the field of image processing. Courtesy of SoftSoft Ltd. (SoftSoft website).

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